Friday, 30 May 2008

I'm a thin person...trapped !

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Well I have been on ANOTHER diet now for what seems like forever but in reality is only 6 weeks, I have managed to lose 10 lbs so far but I'm really struggling at the moment to not touch the "goodies". Tony and I have been good since we started but I think about food constantly and although I'm sure there are more important things to think about...FOOD seems to be the only thing I can think of !

I am going to a crop tomorrow courtesy of Craft Obsessions in West Moors, It is their very first one and I have rounded up the gang to boost the numbers and offer them support. David and Brenda are great fun and I'm sure we will all have a lovely day.

The Scrapbook page is of Balloo our "fat cat" Birman...universally known as the laziest animal on the planet !

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  1. Come on Jo you can do it. It is mind over matter. When you fancy something naughty why don't you eat some fruit or something? Or do something naughty ;-) to burn off some calories!!!
    I love this layout of Balloo. Why can't I make anything that looks like this?


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