Saturday, 31 May 2008

A New Crop....

Well me and my buddies have been to the new scrapbook crop run by David and Brenda from Craft Obsessions today...we had a ball. The day was really relaxed, lots of banter and lots to spend our cash on...STASH STASH STASH ! Tony does not understand my love of scrapbooking...he calls it Crapbooking....but nevertheless he still listens and nods at the right moment and tries to look interested, bless him!

I cant put a picture of my Layouts for today as they are part of a gift for a very special person.

Talking of special people, it is only a month or so until we get made into proper bona fide God Parents for the first time. Little Mia-ann Louise Errington is having a naming day next month and we have been asked to do the honours. We are both so touched to be asked and will take our responsibilities towads her very seriously. I have a Special pet name for her " FlowerPot"..don't ask...I have no idea where it came from but I just call her it and everyone knows that's my name for her.

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