Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Yippeee...we are going to New Jersey.....

Well my cunning plan finally paid off, I have spent the last few weeks sort of mentioning that I would really like to go for my 40th birthday in previously mentioned in a post.  Well he said he would quite like to go but not until November as he likes to experience the whole Christmas that's it..we are going on 24th November and we are taking Connor with us ( not sure if NJ is ready for Connor though)

I think we could hear Barrie screaming with excitement from across the extra bonus is that it's thanksgiving while we are there and also Robby's birthday so a whole bunch of celebrations along with my belated birthday and mine and Tony's 10th wedding anniversary, I think we will probably be partying for the whole week. 

Up until now I haven't sold any of my latest cards or made any as commisions but I think I might do for the forseeable future so I can earn some money for my stash fund....thats if anyone wants them of course !!!

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